5 Things That Keep Business Owners Up at Night

rhCEOs have a lot to worry about, but what are their greatest concerns? What keeps them awake at night? Their concerns fell into three broad categories: talent, operating in a global marketplace, and regulation and legislation according to The Harvard Business Review.

As a CEO you will always running short of time which keeps your attention away from the key data/KPIs which need to be looked to run your business hassle free. The Key Performance Indicators should form the base of your business which helps in taking proactive and faster decision.

KPIs set is different for each Industry segment depending on the requirement of the business, it should depict overall performance of the company at a glance to CEO. Earlier decisions were made on the guts basis by CEO but with the evolution of BI, more informed decisions are taken with the availability of real- time data analysis. CEO Dashboard should give CCTV coverage of company’s health indicating various leakage happening.

The 5 mandatory KPIs in CEO Dashboard

Progress towards Target

When you set monthly, quarterly, annual and long-term targets for your company and individual resources, a check

Cleaning Up Traumatic Events Takes a Lot of Pain

yuuLife doesn’t go smooth always and we have to survive its vicissitudes in order to keep moving on. Coming across a painful situation takes a lot of courage and bravery, and when there is no way out, we have to deal with those circumstances very tactfully. But there is no doubt that it takes a lot of pain to face the traumatic events and so it takes in cleaning it up. Many situations can be termed as distressing incidents, but nothing is as messy and gory as death. Whether it is a murder or a suicide, it is not only very painful to tolerate, but also very difficult to clean up.

Clearing up a crime scene requires mental strength as well as physical capability as it involves cleaning and washing up the blood, bodily fluids, messy rooms, torn and dirty upholsteries and many kinds of harmful and potentially infectious materials or OPIM. Several incidents such as suicides, road accidents, mishaps in factories, homicides and infection through diseases require a good cleaning. On the other hand, murders, robbery and theft can be also categorized as crimes.


4 Common Errors in Mascot Design

5hhWhether you are planning to design a school mascot or one for your sports team, picking out a great design is of paramount importance. Not only will this represent your organisation or institution at every appearance that it makes, but it will also be responsible for encouraging fans, employees or members of a social group to rally round at various events.

Designing the ideal sports or school mascot can be very difficult, however, and there are now many professional mascot designers the world over creating unique and exciting costumes for their clients. There are, however, some important errors to avoid in order to walk away with the best and most memorable mascot costume possible.

The first common error is choosing to work with a company that does not specialise in producing mascot costumes for your particular sector, whether it is in sports, education or business. Each one of these has unique needs and attributes, and therefore an expert or a group of experts with knowledge and experience in the relevant domain is very important.

This does not mean that you cannot find a mascot designer that does

Move Your Business Forward With 3 Simple Steps

4d1. Your Dream

Kids always have dreams. Then something weird happens as you get older and get into the job world.

You tend to get realistic. You start justifying why you really don’t want your dreams. Have you found yourself saying things like, If I have a huge house, I would just have to spend more time cleaning it, or a big lawn takes too much work so I just want a small townhouse?

There is nothing wrong with that, but is that really your dream? Do you have naysayers in your life who are squelching your dreams?

If you have a big dream, nobody is going to shake your tree. Naysayers won’t matter.

I challenge you to get your dream back.

Write down your big dreams. Dreams that are so huge the only way you can accomplish them is through your business. You can accomplish good things with a job, but you will never be free and will always be controlled by your boss.

With your own business, you have the freedom to dream and really make a difference in the world. You can accomplish some amazing things with a

How Does Certification Help Your Company

5hAnd you thought all those certified companies were mad to hang their certificates right on their reception desks?

Think again!

If the certification isn’t so important, why do you think all those companies keep improving themselves over and over again? There are uncountable companies in this world; each of them is managed by someone or the other, who tries his best to make it better after every passing day. There are a lot of reasons why companies get certified.

But why does a firm need to be certified? How does your company improve its image if it is certified? You wonder. Read below to know how certification helps a company:

• It acts as an important tool to get more clients for your business: The good thing about having a certified company is that it acts as a tool to attract more clients for your business. Your clients know that the quality of your company and products is good enough to be hired.

• You compete fairly with all of your competitors: When you have a certified business, you compete in a much better way with all your competitors.

How To Gain More Attention From Your Local Market

tuThe Internet has made it incredibly easy for companies to conduct business with consumers all throughout the world. This is just as true for small, micro and developing businesses as it is for major corporations with massive amounts of capital to invest in their operations and growth. Sadly, however, this has led many local businesses to overlook the benefits of cornering their nearby markets and building robust customer basis in their own geographic territories. Following are several, simple strategies for gaining new interest from a local market.

Take a niche specific focus that sets you apart from your competitors. This is especially important to do if there are a number of similar services or products being sold in your area. If you feel like the local market is already saturated, simply change up your approach and provide something that other companies cannot. Being flexible is key to making your small business grow and it can help your company stay afloat even during times of fierce competition and inconsistent profits within your primary industry.

Make sure that there is ample parking at or near your establishment so

Business Etiquette Business Dining

5yyThe host should not only call with the initial invitation, but he or his secretary should be sure to confirm the meeting a day or two before. What do hosts do? Hosts select the restaurant and make the appropriate reservations, arrange for payment of the meal (whoever profits from the meeting should pay for the meal), and don’t draw attention to your own or someone else’s etiquette mistake.

Table Settings

For the most part, start your meal with the flatware on the outside first and work your way in. The dessert utensils are supposed to be above the plate. Your cups and glasses are on your upper right while your bread plate is on your upper left and salad plate on your lower left.

Napkin Use

The napkin goes in your lap immediately after sitting down. A luncheon napkin gets completely unfolded while a dinner napkin gets unfolded only half way. And please, ladies, don’t wipe your lipstick on a clean napkin. If you’re eating something especially messy, such as spaghetti or lobster, you can hold your napkin up to your chest, but don’t ever tuck it into

Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss With Neuroscience

ryyAs neuroscience increasingly finds its way into the workplace, and we learn more about human behaviour, what real difference can it make for employees?

At board level, the value of understanding more about decision-making and human behaviour is easy to see: when you are trying to shape organizational culture, introduce change initiatives, and encourage strong leadership, the workings of the brain provide valuable insight.

But how does this filter down to ground level? What can neuroscience teach the ‘average’ employee?

The boss-employee relationship

One important area that it can shed light on is the relationship with one’s boss; many of us could do with a little assistance in that area.

After all, it is often this key relationship that dictates performance, duration of employment in an organisation, and career progression.

Mistakes are often made from both sides – partly because a culture of management rather than leadership has dominated in many organisations for some time now. The focus has been more on managing performance than leading people.

Neuroscience is helping to change this focus, as leadership considers the needs of people in shaping their behaviour, and thus their performance. When this

What Are the Advantages of Being Certified

wcThe moment you start with your business, you build a dream that you have been seeing since a long time. An entrepreneur is not made overnight; there are thousands of efforts that you put to start your own firm and then fuel it with hard work to watch it blossom.

But how do you make the best of your company? How do you know if your company is good enough? Even if you know that your company is good, how do you prove it?

It’s easy – with the help of an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificate, you not only understand about your own strengths, but also make your customers realize how good you are.

If you are wondering about the advantages of being certified, here are some of them that would enlighten your mind:

• It acts as a competitive advantage for your company: If you have a lot of competitors in the market, it is time for you to beat the race by getting your company certified. Your firm is certified when it meets all the requirements and when they are met, your business works

How To Get More Value From Your Company Tools

toAll companies should make a diligent effort to properly care for the resources that they’ve invested in. The more tools that a business has, the more capable it will be of meeting the needs of its customers. In fact, the first step in planning a successful expansion effort is simply acquiring the necessary equipment for meeting greater demands. For these and other reasons, you should be doing all you possible can to get optimal value from these investments.

Make sure that you are investing in products that you actually need for your operations. While certain additions may come in handy from time to time, it could be more cost-effective to rent these if you don’t require them for consistent use. This is especially true if you happen to have a fairly limited budget for new resources and a wealth of equipment needs.

Take a complete inventory of these assets in order to identify areas of redundancy and determine which products your business is in greatest need of. You may discover that you have purchased multiple unit of the same tool even though each new addition does

Benefits Of Company Formation In RAK

4GGEver since its independence in 1971, the United Arab Emirates has been driven almost single-mindedly towards a path of accelerated growth and development. Since its inception, the economy has grown over 230 times. But where the UAE truly stands out among its partners in the GCC is through policies of wide-ranging diversification that have been injected into the economy over these decades.

Diversification – the Beginning

What was once an economy dependent entirely on oil; it is now rising boldly to whole-heartedly embrace globalization and entrepreneurship. UAE has opened its doors for businesses from all over the world looking to operate inside and outside the country. RAK or Ras al-Khaimah, with its easy registration and licensing procedures and facilities, has emerged as one of the best locations to set up offices in the UAE.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone, one of the most flourishing free trade zones in the UAE, has been elected the Best Emerging Free Zone three years in a row. Just 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport, RAK FTZ offers state-of-the-art facilities like expansive warehouses, office spaces, accommodation

Secrets of Bonding “The Call”

VA couple of times every week we talk to a new contractor who wants to get their bond account set up for the first time. Here’s how it always goes:

  • Contractor: We want to go after bonded projects but we’ve never had bonds before. What’s involved?
  • Bond Expert: OK Hi! Who am I speaking to?
  • Contractor: Uh, I’m Humphrey.
  • Bond Expert: All right Humphrey, can we start by asking you a few questions? What is the size and nature of the work you intend to pursue?

Scenario #1 (Pursuing contracts up to $350,000)

  • Contractor: We have performed residential and light commercial work. We want to go after general construction contracts up to about $250,000.
  • Bond Expert: Great! Tell me the ownership and structure of your company.
  • Contractor: The company is an LLC owned by me and my partner Bogart.
  • Bond Expert: Are you both married?
  • Contractor: Yes, but not to each other.
  • Bond Expert: We have a very easy program that may be a perfect starting point for you. To be eligible, the owners and spouses must have good personal credit reports. Are the reports favorable?
  • Contractor: Yes.
  • Bond Expert: There are some other criteria. For

Six Reasons for Availing Certified Business Appraisal

RYThe fast changing economic scenario entails companies to keep track of their value for having a better hold on the market. The highly competitive market environment is making the assessment of enterprises fluctuate drastically. Also, you will find many companies that have disappeared from the list few months down the line. Hence, it is crucial to get a certified business appraisal. It will not only serve as a benchmark, but also help businesses in many other ways.

Here are the top reasons why you should get certified business appraisal:

Reporting – You have the responsibility to report the assessment of the company to investors on a quarterly or annual basis. It provides financial health of the enterprise and increases investor confidence.

Fundraising – If you want to raise funds for your business, you would need the appraisal report. It is necessary for both conventional fundraising from banks or for current options which include crowd funding.

Merger or Acquisition – You need a detailed appraisal report of the entire business to enter into any merger, or you decide to sell your business. It is the first step in the

What Is the Definition of Work?

REI have worked for many years all over the world. Ten of those years, I spent in Japan. Work there was always different somehow. It seemed more exciting and fun. I had wondered why. I also saw that the Japanese had a work ethic second to none. After my time was up there, I left, having never really understood why they worked so hard and so well.

After a decade, I returned. This thing called work still plagued me. Was it because of their Buddhist and Shinto cultures? I wondered. It had something to do with their culture and beliefs. But I could not put my finger on exactly what it was.

Then one day I was receiving my change from a convenience store attendant. The attendant was bowing and somehow I could tell she wished me well. It was not a job thing. It was not something she was doing for her. She was doing it for me.

I thanked the attendant and looked at her.

I turned to my wife, who was Japanese. “Can I ask you what your definition of work is?” She laughed, as

The Benefits of Using a Same Day Courier

BGThe benefits of same day and next day courier parcel delivery outweigh regular shipments of important documents and packages. Regular mail takes longer to arrive at their destination and may become lost in the mail in route. With same and next day service, the chances for that happening disappear. There is a wide variety of services that offer day services to get things quicker. When you need something that is very important, many times the person does not have days to watch for the mail courier to stop at their mailbox. Time plays an important factor in every day life of individuals. This option does not suit your need and the courier will have to be replaced to find one to delivery the day specified. This is why it is best to know and learn of the many options available. Times do vary so keep that in mind when looking at various locations.

The same and next day service is hand delivered rather than sending the recipient to a local post office for pick up. Hand delivery is personal and makes things simpler because the

Why Businesses Do Not Sell

5YIt would be nice to live in a world where every business-for-sale was sold at top dollar. While there is no such thing as a perfect business free from all defects, there are a number of problems that can hinder a sale that could be remedied, if given enough time. This article lists ten of the reasons which are often cited as contributing factors in an unsuccessful sale or a completed deal for less than potential value.

Business intermediaries need to be up-front with their seller clients, educating them on the challenges faced, and the likely impact that one or more of these issues will have on completing a successful transaction.


a. Valuation/Listing Price:

Arguably, the price a business is listed at is one of the critical elements to a successful sale. An owner’s emotional attachment to their business, coupled with an inexperienced business intermediary’s desire to obtain the listing and please the seller, can be a recipe for disaster. Overpricing a business will deter knowledgeable buyers from establishing communications. Additionally, it will be extremely difficult to defend the valuation when a business has been

5 Roadblocks To Success

ty1. Not Having A Daily Productivity Goal
Every morning ask yourself what you are going to do today that will drive your business forward.

As an entrepreneur, it is up to you to take action and move forward. If you have never been an entrepreneur before, this is something that may brand new to you. You are now the creator that has to make things happen. This can be a big stumbling block for people in the beginning.

At the end of the day, be really honest with yourself, and ask what you did today that actually moved your business forward. If you focus on this every single day, you will start to see the compounding results of your efforts.

The #1 focus of every entrepreneur should be to make money. Unless you make money, your will not stay in business! You must know the driving force that will continue to make money for your business.

2. Trying To Do Too Many Things At The Same Time
You cannot possibly focus on everything, but you can get good at one thing. If you jump from one thing to

5 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs Professional Logistics Management Services

RTThe most successful companies in all industries are applying strict logistics management principles in every compartment of their operations. Nothing is left to change or left out of scrutiny when it comes to evaluating how the transportation and logistics costs impact the company’s budget and how much waste the company generates through its manufacturing and distribution activities.

If your company is trying to reduce logistics cost, but it has not yet reached the desired level of supply chain optimization, here are the top five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional logistics management company:

1. Reduce Logistic Cost by 50%

Given the previous experience of professional logistics companies in dealing with clients, they estimate that implementing lean manufacturing, sustainable packaging and logistics principles helps them reduce their overall costs with logistics by half. The implementation of logistics management procedures involves everything from rethinking the way products are handled, packaged and stored to the implementation of automated manufacturing systems.

2. Reduce The Quantity of Waste

Companies generate a lot of waste – some of which they are not aware of, because it is their end client’s job to

The Rise of the Global Boutique Production Company

44Production companies working with film and photography have seen the industry change over the course of the 20th century. Once relegated to the mega-studios or individual advertising companies, now it is common to find a production that is small enough in size to serve the individual needs of each of its customers, but able to do so on a global scale. With modern technological advances and partnerships with the right niche contractors around the world, these companies handle every digital branding need for businesses large and small.

Global Impact, Local Service

As industries grow, it’s been common for businesses to evolve into massive corporate entities, with huge staff and presences around the world. While this made it effective for these companies to handle a volume of work, each individual client that they served often lost out on that personal touch that is so necessary to effectively building and maintaining a brand presence. For example, a company looking to target customers overseas may find that working with a large company means they never know who they will be talking with at any given time, while instead, finding

Finding Your Critical Numbers

4RAs a Business Coach I have created and reviewed hundreds of annual business plans. I find many companies do a poor job of creating their plans, which seriously diminishes their growth in revenue and profits. On the surface, these plans look like they have the right ingredients for success. However, a closer look shows that the leaders inadvertently led themselves astray. They then lose valuable time and energy, creating a profit leak.

As a certified Gazelles coach, I help clients implement the concepts found in Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. The “One-Page Strategic Plan” is a key tool that everyone looks forward to using in our annual planning process. Whether your company uses this business planning tool or something else, the issues you must consider are the same. Only the presentation of the business plan is different.

At the bottom of each of the “priorities” columns of the “One-Page Plan” is the “Critical Number” section. I have found that selecting the “Critical Number” may be the single most important decision in the planning process. The “Critical Number” is a key performance indicator that you have identified